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The Unnamed Wrinkled Demon was a minor character in the origonal 'Devilman' manga. He never makes a proper physical appearance and only being seen as the transformation of his Devilman host.


A humanoid demon with droopy, wrinkled skin across his body. A thick plume of hair sprouted on his heads, elbows and around his legs. He had two tiny holes in place of his ears, a gaping mouth and large blank eyes.


The demon was only shown to be capable of flying during the brief appearance he had.


Presumably, the Wrinkled Demon was one of the many sent on a suicide run of mass forced merging with incompatible humans, engineered as a scare tactic to cause hysteria among humanity.

However, unlike so many of his counterparts, the Wrinkled Demon instead seemed to unintentionally merge with his intended victim, who in turn became a Devilman.