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The Unnamed Wrinkled Devilman was a minor supporting character from the 'Devilman' manga. Seen briefly among the many that followed Akira Fudo in his army.


A humanoid Devilman with droopy, wrinkled skin across his body. A thick plume of hair sprouted on his heads, elbows and around his legs. He had two tiny holes in place of his ears, a gaping mouth and large blank eyes.


The Devilman was only shown to be capable of flying during the brief appearance he had.


As a human man, he presumably merged with the Wrinkled Demon during the mass fusion suicide run that the demons partook shortly before Zennon's reveal.

The Unnamed Wrinkled Devilman was later summoned by Akira Fudo in his destructive assault upon the Anti-Demon Corps HQ. He could be seen flying near Devilman Najuwarle as the went to destroy the oppressive castle.