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The Unnamed demon fused with Saki was a minor and largely unseen antagonist from the short manga 'Devilman: Strange Days'.


The demon had a small fleshy head with knife-like teeth, nestled in the center of a colossal rose. Around it's petals was a sprawling mass of thorned vines, and the upper half torso of it's intended host, Saki Mikimura.


The demons vines were strong enough to pierce flesh with perfect ease.


At a unknown point in time, likely during or just after the death of Saki Makimura's parents, the flower-like devil tried to posses young Saki Mikimura, however her personality proved not to be the dominant of the two and instead Saki took over, gaining the demons abilities, but also lost half of her body to it's grotesque appearance, which she would hide beneath a blanket. Occasionally the demon would stir, especially at times when Saki was over excited, but she did her best to control it. Upon her death at the hands of a squad of Demon Busters, she used her vines to kill several, but succumbed to her wounds shortly after, the demon, it's last stretch of life gave a few moans from its petaled head, before joining Saki in the beyond.