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Ura was a demon and a member of Beelzebub's satanist cult which worked to resurrect Dante and overthrow God. She was a supporting character in the 'Demon Lord Dante'.


Ura resembles a harpy with grey skin and feathers, wild white hair with sideburns, pointy ears, yellow eyes with red circles under them, green lips and a red ruff of feathers around her neck.

In her human form Ura resembles a woman in her late twenties with green hair and pointy ears, like the other members of the cult she wore a crimson robe.


Ura’s wings allowed her to fly, she was also shown to be able to generate and fire a barrage of tiny needles made of energy.

Ura has also been shown to be a skilled harpist as demonstrated episode 7 of the anime.


Ura was stated to have been born after the fall of Sodom.

At an unknown point in time Ura joined a Satanist clut lead by fellow demons, Beelzebub, Pico, Samael, Gusion and Carne.


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