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Urga was a major character in the manga Demon Knight. He was a former member of the Therianthrope Clan created by God. Towards the end of the manga, Urga fuses with Amon to create his iconic appearance.


In his first appearance, Urga resembled a giant wolf, albeit a very large one with a blue pelt (although some artwork portrays him with grey fur). His eyes have yellow sclera and red irises. As the story goes on he gains a bipedal stance and his features become more human like including human muscle shape and a human-like nose.

Powers and Abilities[]

Urga seems to possess an extreme amount of strength, which is only furthered by his ferocity. He is able to change into bipedal form which allow him to use his forelimbs for both reach and guarding against attacks. 


Urga seems to have a close connection to the girl Yuria, saving her life on numerous occasions and fighting alongside her. He also has past military history and made friends with Amon shortly before merging.


Urga was one of the last surviving members of the Therianthrope Clan and a former soldier from an unknown war. Eventually he made his way to Paradise where he made friends with a girl named Yuria. He stayed in Paradise with Yuria for several years and was one of the first to sense the revival of the demons

Urga rescued Yuria from Paradise shortly before it was ravaged by demons, after explaining what the creatures were tot he girl he transformed to a more bipedial form and gather weapons and armour for him and Yuria. The two fled from the slaughter and made a fair distance before coming into contact with a half plant half beast demon which attempted to merge with him and Yuria. After an off panel fight however, Urga manages to behead the demon.

Shortly after he and Yuria come across Amon, Sirene and Prince Lucifer sitting around their camp fire. Urga presents them with the head of the plant beast demon and makes peace with them. Not long after the group is attacked by a swarm of flying demons and they all become split up with Urga staying with Amon and his draconic mount. After several days in hiding fighting against the demons, the newly formed Satan forces a merge between Urga, Amon and his dragon resulting in Amon taking full control of his new demonically charged body.