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Archangel Uriel was on of the main antagonists in the manga New Demon Lord Dante. He was a high ranking God that unintetionally fathered the reincarnation of his mortal enemy Dante.


Uriel always retained the appearence of his human embodiment Kousuke Utsugi, a middle aged man, with a large semi-muscular frame. He had a big beard and swept back hair.


Uriel was a entity that initally cared only for the survival of his own race, and took part in the extermination of the races that resided on Earth, prior to the arrival of God. However after thousands of years, living wife his wife among the humans of the new world, he grew feelings and emotions, ultimetely showing regret over his prior actions. Uriel loved his wife and his children Aya and Ryo, and continued to do so, even after learning that Ryo was the reincarnation of his former mortal enemy Dante.


Uriel possesed undefined psychic abilities, he was capable of flight and could read minds.