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Urutph was a small sadistic demon with a slime-like body, who appears in the original Devilman.


Urutph was a small hunched over demon, his skin was wrinkled and sunken, he had a large gaping mouth with huge sharpened jagged teeth. He had large eyes and a pair of short antenna.


Urutph's only known defensive ability was a large and jagged set of sharp teeth.


Despite his very short appearance, Urutph is shown to be a highly sadistic and cruel demon. Mutilating his victims with bloody glee, even killing children.


Late one night, the grotesque demon descends upon a man in the streets and tears him apart, cutting off his head and feasting on his body. Shortly thereafter, Urutph was discovered by a young teen girl who follows a trail of blood, only to find the dead mans dismembered head at her feet, looking ahead, she sees the demon standing over the rest of the body, and screams. The lump turns to reveal its horrific demon features, Urutph laughs at her before descending down upon her and tearing her apart, much like the man.


  • Urutph is commonly mistaken with the demonAgwel, both of which share a very close appearance and appear very shortly after one another.