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Vaiser was a wraith-like demon that served as the main antagonist in episode 30 of the 1972 Devilman anime series.


Vaiser resembles a tattered phantom with his main body resembling a blue cloth, a head covered in purple fur, a pair of antenna, large fangs, and red eyes.


Vaiser's personality can best be described as insane, psychotic, and manipulative.

Powers and Abilities[]

His powers are numerous. His primary ability is to alter the behaviors of humans, in essence mind control and manipulation. He does this by shining a red light on the ground where humans are present. Strangely, his mind control powers were useless on Akira Fudo's teacher as he was already insane. He can also fly using his cloth-like body. He also has regeneration abilities and can restrain Devilman with the tattered ends of his cloth-like body.


He is dispatched by Lord Zennon in order to kill Devilman in the 30th episode of the Devilman Television series. When he arrives at Akira Fudo's hometown, he immediately begins to alter the minds and behaviors of all the humans who stand within the red light he emits. He gets agitated and frustrated when his attacks don't work on Akira Fudo's teacher. Miki Makimura and Lala notice this and take shelter in the Makimura residence. This prompts a military general to launch an attack on the Makimura house. Lala is able to help Miki Makimura fend off the General by using household items such as a lamp and lightbulb as a one shot pistol. While this is going on Akira Fudo spots Vaiser and goes after him as Devilman. After a long battle, Vaiser is burned and before he disintegrates into nothingness, he asks Devilman why his mind control powers didn't work on Akira Fudous teacher. Devilman responds by saying that he was already insane and thus his attacks had no effect on him. Vaiser, intrigued by this and questioning the potency of his abilities, dies and everyone returns to normal, albeit a little confused as to what had happened.