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Valum was a large, vaguely insect-like demon that appeared to Dante during a psychic flashback created by his former lover, Medusa Gorgon. He was a minor character in the manga 'Demon Lord Dante'.


Valum was a large demon with semi-humanoid shape. His body was covered in thick matted fur, exposing only his lower face, a gaunt human-like visage with large blank eyes, a bulbous nose, sunken cheeks and a heavy overbite. His upper face had two large compound eyes, and two sharp antenna above.


Valum appeared a cavalcade of demons, when the demoness Medusa Gorgon, tried to restore the memories of her semi-amnesiac lover Dante. Valum could be seen several times amongs the shifting crowds of devils, alongside Talan, Zennon, Nagalarne and many more.