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Valva is an insect-like demon that served as one of the first major antagonists in Devilman Saga


Valva is a hulking inesctoid. It has green shelled armour covering most of its body with sharp tipped spikes, his bulking mass made the armour stick out and flap around when he moved quickly. Either side of his sharp toothed mouth was a large curved tusk. He had a single large red eye, and a second on his upper chest. Around his head were four pointed spikes, larger than the rest. His hands are tipped in long spikes and has two pairs of short arms attached to his waist


Valva is a brutal and vicious demon with a reputation of being a berserker as his title "Wicked Demon" implies. Willing to kill and destroy anything in his path, Valva especially wants to fight and destroy his rival Amon for killing him in the past.


Valva like most demons possesses great strength and durability, able to leap out of a several story building with no injuries. The demon armor's properties allow Valva to shift between dimensions akin to teleportation. Its multiple limbs allow it to move relatively quickly on the ground. The same appendages can pierce through human bodies and vehicles with little effort. Valva can also sprout wings from his back that allow him to fly. Valva can also release a shockwave in the form of a beam from his abdomen.


Valva's armor was constructed by scientists Jeff Gordon and Kelly Smith from the remains found. To prevent a situation like the Sirene armor, Valva was cut off in an isolated area and have a host in the form of Jason Gouder. However, Valva's armor managed to teleport to Jeff and Kelly as they were having intercourse, merging their bodies together as Valva overwhelmed them. Leaping out of the building the pair were in, Valva went on a rampage killing and destroying people on a highway.

Yuki Fudo used Amon's armor to fight and combat Valva wanting to save Jeff and Kelly. However, Valva engaged in battle with his one-sided rival by taking flight and using his teleportation abilities. Yuki during the battle tried to call out to Jeff and Kelly via telepathy but Valva seeing Amon's form lashed out for payback at his death at Amon's hands. Yuki guided Valva to Santa Monica Bay to avoid more damage and continued to fight on as the armor grew more demonic. Helped by Sirene in dealing a damaging blow, Jeff and Kelly manage to push Valva out but because their bodies ended up merging, the Valva armor was lost at sea and Jeff and Kelly ended up in a deformed state.