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Vegard was a minor demon from the original Devilman manga, he was present at the underground Black Sabbath party held by Ryo Asuka.


Vegard was a humanoid demon, he had a skull like face on a long neck with several sharp spikes on the top of his head, he had a well built body however it was covered in skeletal skin, he has spikes on his elbows and knees and a large set of spikes going down his back.


Vegard was able to throw the razor sharp spikes in his head which would be able to penetrate through any organic matter. He also had long clawed fingers which could be used for a closer form of combat when he was all out of needle hair.


Vegard is among the many demons present at the underground  Black Sabbath held in Ryo Asuka's basement. Shortly after Akira Fudo had transformed into Devilman and murdered the demoness Welvath, a large battle broke out in the room. Vegard could be seen rearing back before lurching his body forwards, throwing his needle-like hair outwards, aiming at Fudo. Akira jumps out of the way however, and the needles fly on past him, instead making a hit on a frightened, still human party goer, who immediately falls backwards dead, with the needles jutting outwards of his body. Shortly thereafter, Vegard was seemingly killed by Devilman off panel, who proceeded to slaughter all the demons present at the Sabbath party.