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Vegard is a minor demon in Devilman Crybaby, he was present at the Black Sabbath party in which Akira Fudo fused with the demon hero Amon.


Vegard is a humanoid demon, he has a gaunt, skeletal face with sunken eyes and cheeks. His head is layered with spiked quills giving a Mohawk-like look to his design.


Vegard could fire the spikes from his body at high velocity, and would tear through skin with ease.


Vegard possessed one of the party goers at the underground Black Sabbath party. Shortly after Amon failed to take dominance over Akira, who as a freshly born Devilman, set about slaughtering the demons. Vegard threw his head quills, but Akira doged out of the way, allowing them to pierce into a cowering couple behind him, killing them both. It can be assumed Akira killed Vegard shortly thereafter.