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Vegard is a minor antagonist in the animated film Devilman: The Birth. He was among the large group seen towards the end of the film at the Black Sabbath.


A humanoid demon covered in shell like armour giving him a skeletal look, his arms were tipped with blades. He had a battle dress, and large spines going down his back.


He was able to fire his needle like hair from his head, which was sharp enough to pierce through bone, he could also go into hand to hand combat with his bladed arms


Vegard was among the many demons seen at the underground Black Sabbath held by Ryo Asuka.

Vegard attempted to kill the recently born Devilman by hitting him with his razor sharp needle hair however he misses and instead kills several of the untransformed guests at the Black Sabbath. 

Shortly thereafter Vegard tried to kill him a second time with his arm blades, but misses when he lunges in for the kill allowing for Devilman to rip off his arm and shove it into his chest, killing him.


  • Banded body vegard

    Vegard's unused design

    In the art book simply titled The Devilman, there is a illustration promoting the OVA that features Vegard among other demons with a different look entirely, interestingly, the design shown here is very similar to Toshio Maeda's design for Vegard, which first appeared in the same book, making it hard to determine which rendition of the design came first.