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Vervalka was a minor fish-like demon seen briefly in both the original Devilman manga and its sequel, Devilman Lady.


Vervalka was a small humanoid demon who resembled something of a ugly fish. He had large puffy lips with a set of large curved teeth. He had large blank eyes and loose tendrils hanging from his head. He had long spindly fingers as well.


Vervalka was paired with a large set of jaws and sharp talon-like claws which it could use for close combat against foes.



After a violent and bloody beating at the hands of Devilman, Sirene fled into the woods fearing for her life, begging Lord Zennon for help. He responded by sending down a small group of demons to hopefully stop Devilman in his tracks. Vervalka is among the many demons sent down to fight. He runs at Devilman, alongside several other demons, but is quickly grabbed and slain.

Devilman Lady:[]

Vervalka is again seen as Akira remembers many of the demons he had fought on Earth as he travelled through Hell with Jun Fudo. Vervalka could be seen in a large group shot alongside Gair, Ghelmer, AledaSirene and many other demons.