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Vetra was a giant manta-ray like demon and the secondary antagonist in the fourth episode of the Devilman Anime.


Vetra was a giant manta ray like demon with brown skin.  He had a triangular shaped mouth and small yellow eyes. he had a long pair of antenna, a long tail and a giant pair of wings that acted like a cape.

Powers and Abilities[]

Vetra was capable of flight and had several human disguises. He could emit spiders which could control the minds of humans. He was also able to emit a sticky web which dissolved in water. He could also swim at powerfull speeds underwater.


Vetra was a loyal member of the Demon Tribe but somewhat cowardly fleeing from battle when things weren't going his way.


Vetra is summond byZannin to fight and kill Devilman, he arrives at the human world and to begin causeing chaos he disguises himself as the idol Julie who passed out invisible spiders in her autographs. Later the spiders come to life and begin to posses whoever was in possesion of the autographs sending them on a rabid killing spree. Eventually Devilman finds Vetra in a scrapyard and the two begin to fight, however Devilman defeats Vetra so he returns to Zannin, unfortuneately for him Zannin is enraged and begins to beat Vetra with his tail whip.


Later Vetra returns, this time going after Miki Makimura by mind controlling her parents, but Devilman saves her and finds Devilman disguised as a policeman. The two once again battle but Vetra sneakily captures Devilman in his webbing and drags him out across the ocean, Devilman's struggleing causes Vetra to acidently release him into the ocean where the webbing comes loose enough for Devilman to escape and knock out Vetra who goes crashing into the water, however worried about Miki he fails to deliver the final blow and flies back to check on Miki.

Vetra having once again escaped death flies back home only to again be beaten by Zannin, he promises that next time he would be able to kill him, however Zannin enraged says he wont get another chance and burns Vetra alive with his eye beams.


  • Vetra briefly cameos in Mazinger Angels, along with other members of his clan.