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Vetra was a manta-ray-like demon that appeared in the ninth chapter of Mitsuru Hiruta's Devilman manga.


Vetra was rather tall but wide in stature, he had spindly limbs with large clawed hands and feet. From his upper torso lies a long flap of skin that hangs down his back creating a cape-like look, on his chest is a set of gills and above his head are a pair of antenna. between hig legs was a long spindly tail.


Vetra could emit a powerful web from the palms of his hands, he could also create mind controlling spiders. He was capable of flight via his "cape".


Vetra was a loyal demon, who's failing was in underestimating Devilman.


Late at night Vetra was seen entombing a man in his web, before allowing his spiders to feast on the mans body. He ordered the arachnids to begin possessing the citizens of Tokyo, including both of the Makimura children.

After Tare went savage trying and failing to kill Akira Fudo, he began to ponder what caused his outburst when he saw Miki wandering outside. Akira followed, however Miki suddenly attacked showing superhuman abilities. Miki manages to wrap Akira up in a sticky web shot from her hand before climbing to the top of a building. Vetra then reveals himself on the road below, introducing himself to Fudo and gloating over his defeat. The web fails to keep Akira in place however and transforming into Devilman he frees Miki from Vetra's control. Realising his plan had failed, Vetra quickly flies up and snatches Miki before challenging him to a fight at Mt. Tanigawa and fleeing.

Inside the caverns of Tanigawa, Vetra lies at the feet of his general, Zannin who berates him for being so cocky. He swears to kill Vetra should he fail to kill Devilman a second time, with that Vetra departs. 

As Akira arrives at Tanigawa, Vetra comes down to challenge him. The manta-ray devil puts up a good fight, but succumbs to Akira's Devil Eyes, which boils him alive, ending Vetra's threat.