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Vishvalic was a minor threat in the animated film, Devilman: The Birth. He was among the many slain at the Black Sabbath.


Vishvalic had dark blue colored skin, which was covered in veins, he had a large mouth on his head full of sharp teeth.


Assumedly Vishvalic could use his head jaws to bite into and tear flesh.


Vishvalic is one of the demons seen at the Black Sabbath. He is killed by Akira Fudo who had fused with the demon Amon. Akira grabs Vishvalic's top mouth by both sides and rips it open splitting his head in half.


  • In the Devilman manga, Vishvalic doesn't appear till much later on in the story, instead appearing as one of the many demons that caused chaos in Japan after Zennon's speech.