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Vlava was a large elderly demon with a large amount of strength, he was a minor foe in the manga Devilman Grimoire.


Vlava was based on the Kudan an old Japanese yokai, he had a large bull like head with four large horns, two large tusks and a small white beard.

Powers and Abilities[]

Vlava was able to transform himself to resemble a human at ease, he also had large amounts of strength.


Vlava is first seen when he is contacted by the powerful psychic demoness Psycho Jenny, asking if he would try and combat the demon hero Amon, to which he rudely says no to.

Later after Japan had been turned into a wasteland during Coulcure's invasion, Vlava disguised as a human stalked a woman named Jun late at night. He comes up to her and transforms however Jun transforms into a Devilman herself having fused with the demon Mermane and cutting off the hands of Vlava and decapitating him.


  • Vlava is killed in a similar way that he was killed by Akira Fudo in Hell in the manga Devilman Lady by having his head removed.
  • Vlava's human disguise was based on the character Violence Jack from the manga of the same name.
  • Judgeing by notes published in the fourth volume of Grimoire, it seems Vlava may have at one point had a larger role in the story.