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Vorak was the President of Hell, and a high ranking commander among the demon race. He is a supporting character, seen towards the end of New Demon Lord Dante.


Vorak had the body of a colossal twin headed dragon, he had a long tail, large wings and spikes going down his tail and dragon heads. Beneath his upper torso was a large mouth with a grusome set of fangs and a single eye. Above, he had the body of a young man with feminine qualities and short curly blonde hair.


He was capable of flight with his mighty wings and used his twin dragon heads to attack.


Vorak was a mighty demon, respected among his peers, though his headstrong attitude drew close to getting him killed.


During Dante's absence in the years he spent entombed in ice, Vorak made a name and reputation for himself, becoming a noted enemy among the Gods. Eventually he became the President of Hell and a commander of a demon army.

Later, after Dante's reawakening, Vorak could be seen among the demon commanders during the final battle against the Gods. He led his troops into battle alongside the other and fought valiantly. Eventually he attempted to take down the Archangel Metatron who was controlling the hollow body of Adam, a holy guardian. Vorak tore off Metatron's left arm and tried to go in for the kill, but is suddenly grabbed and pulled close. Metatron leers at Vorak, planning to kill him, but the demon President is saved by the sudden arrival of Dante, who finishes Metatron off shortly after.