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Wagreb (ワグレブ Wagurebu?)[citation needed] is a minor demoness in Devilman Crybaby, and was partially responsible for Akira's transformation into Devilman.


Wagreb is a large demon with shaggy dark fur coating her body. She has thick lips with a large protruding set of jaws and massive red eyes, between them on her forehead is the face of her human host.


Wagreb's massive sharp teeth large mouth could presumably be used to take a large chuck out of a person.


Wagreb was one of a large group of demons that possessed party goers at a Black Sabbath. When Ryo Asuka got pinned under the body of a dead corvid demon, Akira rushed to try and rescue his friend, but manages to attract the attention of Wagreb as he does so. The demon descends down upon him, causing Akira to go into panic, allowing for the demon Amon to fuse with his body, unlike the other demons however, Akira managed to dominate its spirit and became a Devilman. Wagreb died by his hand soon after.


  • This version of Wagreb strikingly resembles Mao Dante, especially during her close-up.