Wagreb in Devilman: The Birth

Wagreb is one of several demons that have made numerous appearance across the franchise. Initially she was among the demons at the Black Sabbath, and is partially responsible for Akira Fudo's fusing with Amon.
  • Wagreb (Manga): She is among the many demons to merge with humans at the underground Black Sabbath. She is killed later by Devilman.
  • Wagreb (Gekiman): Appears only briefly with a slightly altered design.
  • Wagreb (Amon): Appears in a flashback to the Sabbath event, roaring as it pushes it way into its hosts body.
  • Wagreb (Grimoire): Wagreb's largest role to date, she appears as a servant to Sirene alongside Illuge and Aleda.
  • Wagreb (OVA): Appears during the Sabbath sequence with a wildly different design to her normal body.
  • Wagreb (Crybaby): Appears with a new look, emulating elements of Demon Lord Dante's design.
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