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Wagreb (ワグレブ Wagurebu?) was a demon seen at the Black Sabbath during the animated film, Devilman: The Birth. She had the most screen time out of all the demons in scene, being crucial in Akira Fudo's transformation into Devilman.


Wagreb was a large and tall demon, easily dwarfing over regular sized humans by several feet. She had blue fur and slight lion-like attributes, namely a short mane covering her extended neck and a pointed snout type mouth. Her body also had a large dark blue chest piece with large spiked shoulders and a green mark in the middle, along with an elongated tail. Her head consisted of rectangular, dark green eyes, a large set of fanged teeth and two large horns atop her head that were accompanied in the middle of the scalp with the upper portion of the female human whom Wagreb had taken over. The human head was of a slender young woman with long brown hair that was kept in place with a pink bow-ribbon.


Wagreb was not shown using any kind of special powers, but her spikes were capable of impaling flesh and it can be assumed she had some greater physical strength, judging by her large stature. Her large claws and jaws were nasty for certain.


Wagreb took over the body of one of the party guests at Ryo Asuka's Black Sabbath. During the commotion Wagreb stared down at the still human Akira Fudo, causing him to flee in fear, which resulted in him loosing all rationality and common sense in panic, ridding him of the mental powers which normally prevented human possession by demons. As a result, shortly after the young man transformed into the Devilman after Amon tried to take possession of him.

She laments over the tragedy of Amon having been possessed by a human, and in turn she is ultimately killed towards the end of the slaughter, after having back broken by Devilman, who put pressure down on her back before his foot smashed through her chest.



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