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Weathers was a bizzare demon with control over the temperature and an antagonist in the Devilman manga by Mitsuru Hiruta.


Weathers was a large humanoid demon standing several meters tall, his body was split in two halfs the left half being coverd in a ferocius and distorted flame and the right being coverd in chunky and jagged ice blocks. His face had flayed eyes and a manic grin.


Weathers could control the temprature, making either intense heat or extreme cold. He could split his body in two down the middle allowing him to hit his foes from multiple angles.


Weathers was a proud demon who wanted to defeat Devilman with his own hands.


Weathers was summoned by Lord Zennon to defeat Devilman after many other of his soldiers had failed. A mission that the demon gleefully accepts.

At the Makimura home, Weathers pours intense heat into Akira's room, waking him up. When Fudo opens the window he spies Weathers and transforms. The two then run to the forest and Weathers unleashes both his fire and ice rays, weakening Devilman. He then splits his body in two and intensifies his attacks. Using the last of his strengh, Devilman called fourth Devil Beam, and blew Weathers apart, ending the demon.


  • Weathers design here is based on early concept art for the character.