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Welvath (ウェルバス Uerubasu?) is a minor demoness who reappeared in Devilman Crybaby, she was the first demon encountered by Akira.


Tall and blue skinned, Welvath retains some of her human figure. Her right eye extends into an elongated tentacle while her arm's split in two at the elbow joint. Her most distinctive feature however, were her two colossal sentient breasts with massive teeth encompassed by thick yellow lips.


Welvath's breasts could extend and were quite strong enough to tear off a grown man's head right off.


Pre-transformation her female human host, there was a girl named Sumi, was a happy and chipper girl with a love for drugs and teasing the innocent young Akira.


When Ryo Asuka and Akira Fudo had caused enough of a riot in the Black Sabbath party, the petite young drug maid was the first to turn. Her bladder suddenly emptied and she reeled in pain as Welvath's fused with her body, revealing it's true grotesque form. Moments after, both of her hungry breasts flew out and tore the heads of two fearful party goers. Her fate is unknown, though it can be assumed she would Die at the party.


  • In line to the directors signature style, Welvath's design is a lot more stylized with more emphasis on her breasts than past incarnations of the character.