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Welvath was a demoness in Coulcure's group.


Welvath's appearance in Devilman Grimoire was similar to her depiction in the anime and original manga.  She had long hair, her left eye had been replaced by a long tentacle, and her possessed breasts bore pupil-less demonic faces with forked tongues.  She also had four three-fingered claws due to both of her arms being split from the elbows down.

Powers and Abilities[]

Although its combat effectiveness is never revealed, Welvath could rapidly extend her left eye tentacle in combat.


In Welvath's first scene, she and Naza were revealed as protectors whose presence allowed Kruelle and Coco to share some intimate time together. When Wilfre and Sirene approached, Welvath and Naza immediately jumped into action, but Kruelle shouted for them to stand down since they were expected.

In Welvath's second and final scene, she and Naza were approached by Devilman. After witnessing his savage surprise attack on an unsuspecting Naza, Welvath became enraged and attacked Devilman amidst his preoccupied consumption of Naza's disembodied breasts. Welvath's attempt to avenge Naza was extremely short-lived, however, as his counterattack instantly severed most of her appendages:  her right arm at the shoulder, the lower of her two left arms, both legs, her left eye tentacle, and her right breast. She is last seen lying on the ground, crying out in agony alongside Naza as Devilman leaves them both for dead.