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Wuduu was a tree demon that was sent to kill Akira Fudo along with the avian fire beast Magdora.


Wuduu was a tall tree with two long branch like arms and short roots for legs. He has a nobbled nose, pronounced lips and eyes.


Wuduu's large tree arms could of been used for combat.


Wuduu, like his partner, was not very smart. Both getting killed due to their own stupidity.


Wuduu was sent by Demon King Zennon to kill Akira Fudo alongside Magdora. The two attacked late one night as he made his way home from school. Wuduu tried to grab Akira in his tree-like arms, however Akira transforms into Devilman and tears the demon apart, splitting Wuduu into three.


  • Wuduu's design here is rather bizarre, having barely any resemblance to any other iteration of the character.