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Yasohachi Yamagishi was a character from the manga Devilman: Strange Days.


Yasohachi Yamagishi was a boy in his late teens, he was a tall gaunt boy with glasses and neat parted hair. All that was seen of his Devilman side was long scaled fingers with snake heads on the end.


Despite his short appearance it is clear that Yasohachi was a kind student who had a keen interest in music and had a calm persona.


Yasohachi was a fellow student in Kira Udoa, Ryuu Kasuka and Rokurou Ozu's school. He auditioned to join their band the Flyers after they decided they needed a new band member, they are all impressed with his skill on the guitar, even Kasuka, much to the others surprise. However when he begins to play his next song he becomes calm and accidentally lets himself start to transform, the room is then suddenly raided by a group of elite Demon Busters who mercilessly shoot him to death.


  • Yasohachi Yamagishi comes from the main male character of Harenchi Gakuen with the nickname Oyabun.