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Yuria is a major character in the manga 'Demon Knight'. She and the wolf-like Urga were inhabitants of Paradise until the Demon Invasion where they were forced to fight. Towards the end of the manga she fuses with Lucifer, creating Satan.


Yuria was a beautiful young girl, seemingly aged in her late teens or early twenties. She had long light brown hair, hazel eyes and wore minimal red armor that covers her forearms and lower legs. She also wore kneecaps and a necklace with round accessories as well as a sword she had slung around her shoulder.


Yuria seemed to rely on Urga for combat, but she was skilled in combat with a sword, killing several demons with it along the way.


Yuria seemed to have a close relationship with Urga, the two traveling and fighting alongside each other throughout. She also had an encounter with Amon at some point having earned his respect.


Yuria was one of the People of Paradise who lived in the holy land created by God. While there she made friends with the wolf-like creature known as Urga. It was Urga who rescued Yuria from Paradise shortly before it was over run by Demons. The pair eventually met up with Amon, Lucifer, and Sirene. Forming up with them to fight the hordes, Yuria rode with Lucifer on the back of a pegasus. During the struggle however, the energy coming off of the demons caused the three to fuse once the pegasus' head was cut off, creating Satan.