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Zaiak (ザイーク Zaīku?)[1] was a minor demon seen briefly in the original Devilman manga. He appeared among the Tokyo Swarm that attacked Japan.


Zaiak was a demon who had merged with plants and birds, among other things. His body was 5.5 meters (18 feet) long. His back was made of a tree and he had two thin, bladed wings.[1] Zaiak had two faces: One on his head, with a large beak and small eyes; and another on his back, with human-like features and fangs. He also had two short, stubby arms on his underside.


Zaiak could fly in the air at 180 kilometers (112 miles) per hour, and his sharp wings could slice enemies that came toward him. He could shoot fire from his mouth, burning things within a 30-meter (98-foot) radius. Additionally, Zaiak's back was made of very hard wood. The wood could absorb water and become heavy, slowing Zaiak's flight speed.[1]


Five minutes after Zennon announced the impending demon invasion, a swarm of demons began descending upon cities across the world, killing and destroying all they could. Zaiak could be seen soaring through the sky shortly after the swarm arrived in Japan.[2]

Other demons who appeared in the swarm included Pomett, Francle and Vishvalic.