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Zaldover was a ugly demoness who was sent alongside Adal to try and kill Devilman.


Zaldover was a blue skinned demoness with a distorted face. She had long red hair, a pointed nose and yellow eyes with bulged when she became tense. On her chest was a large toothed mouth and on her chest was a large pair of eyes with red eyebrows above her breasts. He arms and legs were layered with spikes.


Zaldover could emit lightening bolts from her eyes and spew out a thick fog.


Zaldover was very fond of her ally Adal, and was enraged at his death. She despised Devilman with every fiber of her being.


Late one night Zaldover converged with Adal outside the Makimura home, the two having set a plan to kill Akira Fudo in his sleep.

Adal breaks into the Makimura home and tries to smother Fudo in his web, but is beaten down by Devilman and decapitated. Outside, Akira locates Zaldover awaiting Adal in the home garden. He confronts her, announcing that he had killed Adal, which sends Zaldover into a wild rage. She begins firing her energy bolts at Akira, but misses each time. Eventually Akira tires and beats the demoness to the ground before unleashing the Devil Arrow, killing her.