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Zann in Devilman

Demon General Zann was a high ranking demon and one of Zennon's 100 generals. 

  • Zann (Manga): Responsible for several attacks on Akira Fudo, Zann's most notable appearence is stopping Akira from beign savaged after his defeat at the hands of Psycho Jenny.
  • Zann (Gekiman): Zann plays largely the same role as he did in the origonal manga.
  • Zann (Grimoire): A powerful demon that was decapitated by Sirene.
  • Zann (DvG): A member of Sirene's army seen breifly when she forges an alliance with Emperor Gore.
  • Zann (Breakdown): Zann tires to engineer the defeat of Devilman through a complex plan with the help of Psycho Jenny. This is Zann's largest role to date.