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Zannin is a member of the Demon Tribe and a follower of Zennon. He was made head of operations in Japan for a short time.


Zannin is a large semi-humanoid canine-like demon. He has long thin arms and legs. A long tail attached to his furred body, with two large eyes on his chest. He has something of a shaggy mane around his head, two long antenna and a large crest on his head.


Zannin is only seen smashing rocks with his claws.


Zannin is a cruel and viscious demon, that promised death toward the failure of his soldiers.


Zannin was sent by Lord Zennon to the Japanese demon base in Mt. Tanigawa in order to oversee operations.

After the manta-ray like demon Vetra failed in killing Akira Fudo, he berated the demon and promised to kill him if he failed to kill Fudo a second time. Vetra attacks Devilman, but dies in the attempt. Afterwards Zannin vowed revenge.


  • Zannin never returned in spite of strong implications in the story suggesting he would. Perhaps he annoyed Zennon or something.
  • Its also worth noting his design here, is closer to Zennon from Demon Lord Dante than the original Zannin from the anime series.