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Zannin was one of the principal antagonists of the crossover film 'Mazinger Z Vs. Devilman'. Unlike prior versions, this Zannin was the proud and ruthless leader of the Demon Tribe.


Zannin is a giant bipedal demon, he has a large green body with a massive pair of eyes which he also uses as a weapon. His head is covered in purple fur and resembled that of a dog, with a spiked yellow crest in the centre and a pair of antenna being additional features. He arms and legs are coloured blue and he also has a long tail which he uses as a whip.


Zannin is already a considerable threat due to his size and simple brutality, he has a large amount of strength and uses his tail like a whip or lasso. The eyes on his chest can fire large energy bolts and negates any energy attack against them. In his very first appearance, Zannin is seen forming his body from a pile of blue liquid. He can also create a sort of "solid" cloud that he can ride on to fly.


Zannin was a gruff, sadistic and quick to anger demon with a hatred more to Devilman rather than humanity itself.


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