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Zaurus F1 was a large Mechanical Beast stylized to resemble a dinosaur. It was encountered in the crossover film Mazinger Z VS. Devilman.


Zaurus was a massive Beast, he was styled to resemble a dinosaur and had thick green armor going all down his back, legs and head. He had a green underbelly, his extendable arms were pink with large claws on the end. He had a large horn on his head a a three way forked tongue, he also had a smaller face located just behind the horn.

Powers and Abilities []

Zaurus could extend its arms and coil them around its enemy's body, it could shoot electrical purple beams from its mouth and could stun with its tongue which would raise and radiate in heat. It could survive with only its head which had a small jet inside so it could project itself along.


Zaurus F1 is seen in the films opening were it blasts through the side of a mountain with its electrical beams, it met up with the golden Mechanical Beast Buragga S1 and they go on a rampage in the direction of the Photon Power Laboratory.  Koji Kabuto and Sayaka Yumi gear up and get into their respective mechs and head off to combat them. They square off against the beasts but are knocked down by Buragga S1's axe, Zaurus F1 then starts to pummel the ground with its extendable arms trying to hit Mazinger whilst Aphrodite A battle off against Buragga S1. Its arm coils around Mazingers arm but he uses the Rocket Punch smashing through Zaurus F1's chest, then does a loop and goes through the beasts neck, decapitating the mech. However the head was still alive and propelled itself over the Mazinger and crunched down upon its head and started to shock the mech with its electrical beams, almost blinding Koji, however he then destroys the head by firing the Mazingers eye beams.


  • There is a chance that Zaurus F1 may have been based on the Mechanical Beast Doublas M2 as it has a similar appearance and powers, as well as the Burraga S1 having similar attacks and appearance to Garada K7, Doublas original partner.