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Demon General Zennon was once a friend and ally of Dante, living in the city of Sodom. After God's attack however, Zennon betrayed Dante and the newly emerged demon race in the hopes that God would spare them, becoming the general of the 100 Devil army and helping God's Association hunt down non-compliant demons. He was a major antagonist in the manga 'Demon Lord Dante'.


Zennon was a giant standing high among the skyscrapers, with a mostly green and purple color scheme. He had a canine-like head with pupil-less eyes, antenna and a large spotted crest on his head. He had a row of spikes down his back and a long tail. He had spindly arms and legs with long thin claws. On his furred chest was a pair of eyes, with dark markings above and below them with prominent veins on the sides.


Zennon was incredibly agile and strong. He had a long tail that he could use like a whip. He could shoot powerful rays from his mouth that could freeze whatever it came into contact with, and could also shoot deadly thunderbolts from his hands.


Zennon was an intelligent demon who was once very close to Dante. Believing that working under God was the best thing for the demon race, with a mixture of gallantry and fear, Zennon betrayed his friends and loved ones alongside the other turncoat devils of the 100 Devil army. Zennon would quickly find himself conflicted by his decision, but was two frightened to ever attempt to betray his new lord. Upon his death, he begged Dante to slat the Holy tyrant.


Zennon once lived in the city of Sodom and was a good friend of the two lovers Dante and Medusa. He was among the survivors transformed into demons by the alien flames during God's attack. With his newfound abilities and power, he met back up with Dante and they both became prominent leaders among the demon race. Dante would ultimately vanish however, after being encased in a subterranean tomb in the Himalayan Mountains, as God's forces grew in size and power. Eventually, Zennon betrayed his kind to serve under God, believing that working for them was the only good outcome for the demons, and was made the leader of the 100 Devil Army. It wasn't long till Zennon regretted this decision however, but was too afraid to ever betray their new ruler.

Two-thousand years later, Dante is resurrected after an escaped fragment of his soul in the form of Ryo Utsugi, returns to him, but is left in a half amnesiac state. Dante is summoned to Nagoya by Beelzebub and his Satanic Cult, where he quickly goes on a violent and bloody rampage across the city. During the rampage, Dante is bombarded by millitary weaponry and missiles, which do nothing to the demon and only result in further destruction of the city, leaving a thick mist to envelop the city. It is here that Dante is confronted by Zennon. Dante, not knowing his origins and believing he was still the human Ryo Utsugi, still had feint memories of Zennon as a freind, Zennon however challenges him to a battle and the soldiers of the 100 Devil army to attack Dante.

The battle is fast and violent, as Dante slaughters many of the demons with ease. When he is temporarily blinded by a demon named Blemshat, Zennon takes the oppitunity to order the surviving troops to rush Dante and hold him in place, before Zennon fires off a freezing ray, encasing the troops and Dante in a thick casing. Zennon blasts the frozen shape with his electric beams destroying it. However Dante, having simply teleported away, grabs Zennon from behind and shoves his fist into Zennon's stomach, before tearing the demon in half. Defeated but not yet quite dead, Zennon confesses his sins as he remembers his past with Dante, regretting all his actions taken against Dante and begins to cry, as his friend turned enemy tries to comfort him. Zennon begs Dante to fight and kill God before he dies in Dante's arms.

Later on Zennon's spirit visits Utsugi and he tries to usher him into fighting against God, despite his initial refusal, Zennon's wish is ultimately granted when the serpentine demoness Medusa Gorgon restores Dante's memories, a image of Zennon among them, giving Dante the kick they need to take vengeance against the Heavenly alien.


  • Many characters based on Zennon have appeared in the Devilman universe:
    • His name was repurposed for Lord Zennon from the 'Devilman' manga, although his appearance is closer to Dante.
      • A minor demon named Eader appears a few times in the manga, sharing a similar design to Zennon. Later art and merchandise would often colour Eader with Zennon's green and purple palette.
      • Another manga demon, Zann, has a vastly different design to Zennon, but stands in as the manga's incarnation of the 100 Devil army.
    • In the anime series released congruently with the manga, a major antagonist named Zannin had a slightly simplified copy of Zennon's design.
      • The eyes and facial features on the chest motif started with Zennon/Zannin would be seen on several antagonists in the show, most notably with the demons Muzan and Zaldover.
    • In the manga 'Devilman Grimoire', the demon Hirsch uses Zennon's design.
  • Zennon's final words to Dante, were a warning to be wary of Adam and Eve, two characters who never appear in the original manga, but elements of this idea would appear in later takes on the story, most notably in the 2000's anime, where Adam and Eve appear as a colossal chimera-type creature. In the manga 'New Demon Lord Dante', Adam and Eve appear as humanoid bio-weapons under the service of God.