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Zennon was the grand lord of the Demon Tribe, he intended to lead his species into dominance of the world, and intended to eradicate humanity in order to do so.


Zennon was a ghastly colossal shade, alight with dark flames. Large bat like wings can be seen sprouting from his arms, a toothy mouth and gleaming eyes are discernible in his dark body with two horns aside his head.


The only known ability that this version of Zennon had was the ability of flight.


Zennon was a brooding figure that believed in the total dominance of demon kind at all cost, seeing humanity as little more then a pest in need of extermination.


Zennon's first action in dominating the world of man was sending his agents Devilman and Sirene out with the intent of infiltration and eradication of the human race.

However Devilman failed to overtake the body of his human host Akira Fudo, who instead took Devilman's body as his own. Fudo killed Sirene, sending Zennon into a rage. The great demon lord vowed to kill Fudo and to destroy the human race, no matter what the cost may be.

And thus, Zennon would send out new agents to try such as Jacon, Jewel and Kentos each with the intent of destroying Devilman, only for failure after failure against the half demon hero, only furthering Zennon's grudge.