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Zennon (ゼノン Zenon?) is the primary antagonist of the 1972 Devilman TV series. They are never seen outside his lair deep in the Himalayan Mountains, instead instructing their loyal subjects to carry out their evil plans.


Zennon spent a majority of their time encased in a thick purple flame, shrouding much of their appearance. In this form they had large bat-like wings and two long horns on the sides of their head, with yellow eyes detailed with red veins (This form feignly resembling Dante from the manga 'Demon Lord Dante').

In the rare occurrence that Zennon reveals their true form, we saw a large humanoid with a body covered in purple colored fur, three large twisted ugly faces with large yellow eyes, and a pair of long horns on the center head. On his chest he had two other faces each just as demonic as the other.


Zennon was a cruel and spiteful demon, he abhorred the human race and vowed to exterminate them. He took a significant amount of pleasure in hurting or simply killing any living creature be it a human or even a demon that simply questioned his ideas.


Zennon had near omnipotence and seeming immortality. He could fly with his wings and also had regenerative abilities.


Zennon was the all powerful leader of the Demon Tribe in the Ice Kingdom. He planned to wipe out a majority of humanity, keeping some alive as slaves. He called fourth his three bodyguards: Daruni, Rerasu and Devilman. He commands them to fight to the death so the victor could gain ownership into the body of the recently deceased Akira Fudo. Devilman wins and is sent to begin the reign of chaos; however he instantly falls in love with the human girl Miki Makimura and drops his plans.

When the demon scout Henka attacks Miki, Devilman fights and kills him. But this was only the first of many demons that Devilman would have to fight in order to protect humanity as Zennon would constantly summon more of his subjects to try and defeat Devilman as he continued with his fiendish plans.

At the end of the anime, Zennon remains undefeated with an army of demons still at his disposal.


  • In the Discotek Media release, his name is written as "Xenon".
  • Zennon's two forms resembled other characters, with the ghost-bat form resembling Dante from the prior Go Nagai manga 'Demon Lord Dante' and the true form resembling Zennon from the 'Devilman' manga.
    • Both the manga Zennon and Dante would later be fused into one and the same character in the manga 'Demon Lord Dante'.
  • Zennon's true form is only shown once, in the tenth episode of the series 'Demon Beast Gande, The Walking Eye'. Despite this the design was still used occasionally in promotional material.

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