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Zonnele was a minor character from the interquel manga 'Shin Devilman', appearing as a member of the demonic court ran by Magistrum.


Zonnele was a humanoid demon with large glassy eyes, a big set of jaws and hair covering his face. He appeared to be wearing some kind of armored clothing, with a banded neckline and two balls on each shoulder.


Zonnele was among the demons in Magistrum's court, who kidnapped Jeanne D'Arc and put her on trial for trying to bring an end to the 100 Year War.

Zonnele spent the trial quiet and watched from behind his tall counter as Magistrum and his demonic confederates jeered and bullied Jean. When Akira Fudo arrived at the court and challenged the demons in defense of Jeanne D'Arc, many of the demons fled or fell to Fudo in combat, what happened to Zonnele is unknown.