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Go to Hell - No, go to Heaven!
— Devilman before killing Zool

Zool was the primary antagonist of the fifth episode of the Devilman anime. He was hired by Zennon to defeat Devilman.


Zool was an elderly and short green demon. Instead of legs he traveled on a slug like tail, he had a stubby beak and weary red eyes with yellow pupils, he has large white eyebrows and a large green fin decorating the top of his head.


Zool was a dim witted and lazy demon, he preferred playing with his toys rather than any actual work. He had no regard for the lives of others, preferring to just get rid of toys that he got bored with including the humans he manipulated.

Powers and Abilities[]

Zool could create sculptures of humans and could control their lives with them, as well as end them.


Zool was contracted by Zennon to try and defeat the demon traitor, Devilman by using one of his sculptures to take control of the human girl he had fallen in love, Miki Makimura with and take her hostage. Zool accepted the job and shortly after a pyromancer demon named Abil struck a deal with Zool saying that he would be his bodyguard. Zool would take Miki hostage while Abil kills Devilman. However Zool says he had no idea what Miki looked like and that it took time to make, so Abil travels to Japan and steals a painting of Miki and gets into a brief battle with Devilman before teleporting back to Zool with the painting.

Afterwards Zool starts to sculpt another of his sculptures, a race car driver. Before yawning and getting bored of the sculpture, he throws a lump off clay which crashes down killing several of the audience members and most of the drivers. Afterwards he starts on the Miki statue, however before being able to snap her neck Abil comes down and tells him they needed to wait for Devilman so they could kill him. Zool reluctantly accepts and decides to mess about with another statue, which just happens to be Miki's teacher Alphonse.

However, Devilman eventually figures out that Zool and Abil were working together and flies to battle them. Abil comes out to battle Devilman telling Zool to get the statue ready. But Zool loses the statue and attempts to find it. But when does find it, Devilman is standing behind him. Realizing Abil was dead, Zool begged for his life saying he was forced into it by Abil. However Devilman beats him before throwing him of the edge of a cliff to his death. Devilman then seals off the cave to make sure Zool's work is never continued.